Welcome to my world

As one among thousands and thousands of blogs, this little island in the big sea of cyberspace isn’t of much consequence to anyone out there tonight, but it’s serving a vital purpose for me. See, I love mechanical things, and I really love talking about them. Discussing them. Dissecting them.

It’s a cliché nowadays to have a blog, so I shan’t numb you with self-importance. This is simply a place for me to air my thoughts and ideas, whether anyone ever stops in or not. Call it therapy, if you like, but it works. And it’s existence highlights my purpose very clearly.

My point being that the whole reason I’m able to have a platform here is because of something very mechanical and almost alive…the internet. At no other point in history has mankind been able to touch so many other minds so incredibly easily. We are literally completely unfettered in the scope of our interaction with others. I see the beginnings of a hazy sort of hive mind.

But what do you think? How has the internet affected…how is it affecting your life? I’d like to hear from you.

I’ll let that simmer for now. Later on I’ll let you into my head a little more. We’ve got so much to talk about.