Happy Thanksgiving


Our phone contract expired in October, but I knew the amazing peace of not being tied to a contract couldn’t last. My son Cody has been itching for a new iPhone for months, so this morning we trekked down to ye olde WalMart and got him a 6+. That’s it on the far right in the picture there.

Now, I’m diehard Android…the whole walled garden philosophy Apple revels in rankles me considerably. But I’ve got to say that Cody’s new phone is a pretty sweet ride. Pret-ty suhweeeet.

You’re welcome, son.

On another note, I’m not an apocalyptic end-of-the-world-is-tomorrow kind of guy, but I do think it’s a personal duty both as a father and as a United States citizen to be prepared for whatever disasters may come. Not a year goes by that we don’t have tornadoes blowing through. Some hurricanes have even made it this far north from the Gulf. Not to mention the snowstorms we’ve had over the years that have knocked out the power for days on end.

To this end I subscribe to many prepper blogs. Not to partake in rabid paranoia, but to learn the many, many shortcuts needed to establish a good disaster preparedness plan on a budget. I have no Rockefellers in my heritage.

On a certain site, one fellow in particular does a good job bringing up good deals on equipment. I saw that he had noted a Black Friday sale at Lucky Gunner dot com where they had 25 round banana clips for my Ruger 10/22 rifle for $5.99 each. Now, you probably haven’t priced magazines for that rifle, but I’ll educate you: that’s super cheap for a Ruger 10/22 magazine, so I figured I’d pick up maybe four of them. I picture them resting in backpack strap ammo pouches until needed in order to take down onrushing hordes of zombies.

I be-bopped over to Lucky Gunner, and sure enough, that was the deal. Four nice clips for $24. Great! But then I went to the checkout, and shipping was going to be $18…huh? Dang. Forget that. I guess I’ve gotten used to free shipping from Amazon.

And of course Amazon has nothing like that whatsoever.

Have a great Thanksgiving weekend, and I hope to get back to the posts I mentioned concerning prepping equipment very soon.

Be well, be happy, be aware.