Jotting Down Notes

Google Keep is my favorite note taking app. I’ve tried a bunch of different ones, but Keep google-keep-01has several things going for it for me.

1. It’s fast in, fast out. I used Evernote for quite a long time, but it was so cumbersome to get in and drill down to the actual entry point for the note. Evernote has a widget, which does simplify things quite a lot, but it always felt like a workaround. And Evernote ended up having several other negative features for me that pushed me away. But that’s another story for another time.

2. I’m pretty well vested in the Google ecosystem. I use Google Drive extensively, and also Google Docs. I like the cohesive feeling of using everything from the same camp, though of course that’s by no means necessary for daily functioning. I just like it.

3. Recent improvements. Google has at long last brought sharing to Keep. My wife can make a grocery list, and I can step in from my phone (or desktop) and add junk food to my heart’s content. It’s been a long time coming! There has also been a big improvement in search capability, now allowing searches by list, by audio, by image, by reminders, and by shares. It’s also possible to search by the eight different colors that can be assigned to notes.

4. Reminders. Granted, this feature is available in many note taking apps, but remember what I said about the Google ecosystem? On my Android phone I have Google Now running, with its widget on my home screen. Since Keep feeds into Now, I get my reminders in full glory on my home screen every time I look at my phone. You can set reminders by date and time or by location, which means that whenever I go to the grocery store, my list of things I absolutely can’t come home without presents itself to me. Sweet!

One day something better may come along, but until the integration into my lifestyle is as complete as it is with Keep, I’ll stick with Google on this.