And Angry Hordes Stormed the Castle Walls, Yet Not One Lived

2166885-helms_deep_2It’s so funny how things work out sometimes. Just yesterday I wrote about how I need a place of solitude, a writer’s cabin, to go to so that I can be productive and finally get ye olde novel down on paper. Today…I came across this.

I’m not knocking the writer for having an opinion. I’ve got one, you’ve got one, all God’s children have an opinion. But it does rankle me how a person purports that he knows what I need or don’t need in order to write…when he has no idea who I am. It irritates me when he avers that there’s no place in my life for the writer’s cabin that I’ve always known that I need because I should just be able to ignore everything around me and write. That is his opinion. And this is mine…

Not every person can tune out the world to the point of being able to produce a complete literary work, and many, me included, don’t want to tune out the world. We want to conceal the world. Silence the world. Shut the blinds on the world. If it were possible, climb aboard a one-person spacecraft and leave the world while writing. Some people need solitude in order to be creative. Some people are introverts, and I proudly identify as one. Any presence around me when I’m trying to be productive is an annoyance and a distraction. No one should feel like a person of lesser quality if their mentality aligns in this way. Every perspective is valid.

And a larger part of my opinion is that when I write I want it to be the highest quality writing I can produce. One reason that it won’t be the highest quality now is because I’m not a great writer yet. But in itself, that fact is a great point…if there are multiple things hindering my writing (lack of skill and distractions), shouldn’t I strive to eliminate the ones that I can practically do away with (distractions)? Writing skill is something you can’t buy or fix instantly…it’s going to have to just come as I master different things.

But really, do microchip manufacturers build their product under a shed in a hay field? No, they work in clean rooms where there are zero outside contaminants that might screw up the works. Do you brush your teeth with dirt or wash your clothes in stagnant pond water? The best way and only good solution is to eliminate all impurities. What the article’s author appears to be saying is that it’s a good thing to handicap yourself because the cure for your handicap doesn’t really exist.

From a literal standpoint, the writer’s cabin is not a myth because it does indeed exist. Hemingway loved his. And do I have to drag Picasso into this from my last post? The writer’s cabin exists because there is a real need for it, philosophically and physically.

It exists because I say it exists.