All Hail Chromebookius Maximus!

Before I go whole-hog into the mechanics of prepping over the next several posts, I’d like to take a moment to talk about my Chromebook. I posted a long while back not too long after I had bought it, and I was singing its praises all the day long. I still am.

Since that time I have upgraded the RAM to 4GB, which immensely improved the number of tabs I could have open at one time, but other than that I’ve not felt the need to do anything at all to the little gem. There really hasn’t been anything else I felt I needed to improve.

A neat phenomenon with Chromebooks is the fact that it’s always new. What does that mean? I’ve had the thing over a year now, and in fact my particular model isn’t even being produced anymore. How can it be new?

Because ChromeOS is always evolving. Features are constantly being added, updated and improved. Efficiency is always being bumped up and the user experience is constantly being tweaked. And I don’t have to even think about it. As soon as Google’s developers produce an upgrade, it’s released into the wild and automatically downloaded and installed in my Chromebook. The next time I start it up, changes are real.

I was debating online last night about the merits of Chromebooks, and I’ll tell you, you’re always gonna’ have your haters. People are so vocal about the most mundane things. One guy expressed a desire to pile up Chromebooks and burn them…just because he likes Windows machines. He’s not even tried a Chromebook, much less used one for an extended time. Pfffffft!!!

I currently use at different times a Windows desktop and laptop, an Android phone and tablet, a Linux laptop, and my Chromebook. And when it comes time to do most anything from pay a bill to reading the news, I grab the Chromebook.

A couple days ago I found out that during this holiday season up until midnight on December 31st, anyone buying certain Chromebooks will qualify for a pretty sweet deal. Google is offering a full 1 terrabyte of Google Drive storage for FREE for TWO YEARS! That’s pretty awesome, considering it costs $10 per month for a terrabyte if you follow the Google subscription plan.

Think about that…$10 times 24 months is $240. That’s worth more than the base price of an Acer Chromebook at $199!

But, you may think, after the two months is up I have to start paying. What about all those pictures and videos and documents I’ve stored there, that now I will need to pay for? Is it all going to disappear if I don’t? Nope. Whatever you store in Google Drive is yours and accessible forever. But nothing else can be put into that area. You won’t lose a single thing.

So now, if you’ve even thought about a Chromebook at all, would be a great time to really decide. That deal has actually got me scanning the sale ads myself…